…and I thought ‘to communicate’ was simple

The nervousness of delivering work to perfection leaves one numb for a while – more so when you have to deliver an activity which you have experienced only in theory so when my mentor at Galivanise PR Shalini Singh asked   me to take charge of driving an activity in an unfamiliar town I took it with great elan’ as an opportunity.  to not only prove my abilities but also to learn & experience new things. Since the very onset I have been very proud of my communication skills but had a tough face off when I had to lead structured conversations with media’s frontrunners.  From being able to ‘communicate’ the client’s key messages to following up with the relevant journalists was not a simple task as I thought it would be.  The activity was to coordinate for one –on –one media interactions with the head of one of the pioneers of the ‘packing and moving’ industry on an integral announcement.

I had 10 days to drive the activity & my mind was crowded with thoughts far from positive ones – what if the journalist confirms but does not come for the interaction (reasons could be many); how do I know if the journalist understood the pitch made; what if they do not turn up in time and make the client wait which made me really nervous as the budding entrepreneurs are really pressed for time. (

I embraced the day with a self-assuring smile & reconfirmed with the journalists for the interaction & the pitch note for the same. Just when I was getting little comfortable, I got a call from the client 30 minutes prior to the first interaction that they would be little delayed for the media conversation. I panicked and the positive feeling suddenly nose-dived & just when I was iterating what would be the next steps, when the client made it at the nick of the time.  With the client now on my side, I called up the journalist to know about his whereabouts, & was perturbed to know that he would be held up for another 35 minutes. Just when I thought I would break down when Shalini’s golden words came to my rescue that we are on top of the activity and we are putting our best foot forward. We should learn to let go of things which are not in our control.

As they say All’s well that ends well, so to my relief – all the three interactions went off really well & as a feedback from the journalists I received a big Thumbs Up to arrange such an inspiring interaction Needless to say I feel proud to be associated with our ‘packers and movers client’.

My learnings:

  • There is nothing like a full-proof plan, it’s always good to have a‘ back-up plan so that the activity gets completed.
  • Be confident, know the client and its industry so you represent them well. Know the journalist and what they write on.
  • Things go wrong, we panic but we should not allow the panic to take over our thinking ability
  • Reach out to the seniors –mine was covering me up at all steps.


I am all ready to deep dive now so bring it on!

Communication-An illusion

Written by sumitha shetty