Cloud to bring in the next wave for BPOs

PlatinumOne is looking to expand its reach. PlatinumOne supports its customers on marketing and selling processes– the agents do lead generation for insurance firms, up-sell/ cross sell for customers or manage customer’s loyalty programs. PlatinumOne has three BPOs (Kolkata, Mumbai, Noida) with a team of over 350 agents.

The plan is to expand and add more agents. PlatinumOne is showing its support to Cloud vs making investment in legacy/ onsite technology which is capital intensive.

PlatinumOne on Ozonetel is chalking out its expansion plans irrespective of its agents’ location. The BPO has sent an offer to its ex-employees who are currently ‘stay at home’ to give them an opportunity to get back into the work-force with an option to work-from-home.

Cloud is playing a significant role in enabling businesses to automate and integrate. The investment barriers that came with traditional legacy in-premise solutions have been lowered dramatically with the adoption of Cloud based solutions which are at par with the legacy solutions and come with much more flexibility and scalability.

Cloud communication for BPOs becomes a compelling choice because of the following benefits:

  • No Capex investment – No upfront investment in any capex in terms of hardware and software
  • Geographic Diversity – the contact centers can be based in  diverse and multiple locations and be connected over the cloud
  • Dispersed agents – the agents can be in multiple locations (even work from home) yet follow standard processes and be part of the same contact centre
  • Rural BPOs – Agents can be based in rural areas which not only helps create employment in the hinterland but also brings down the cost of operating a BPO due to lower real estate cost and lower wages. This definitely is going to make a higher social impact.
  • Offline agents (no need for a browser) – the agents can operate without internet connection using only a phone and thus operate offline taking away the impeding challenges that can come with erratic or poor network connectivity
  • Scalability & Flexibility – Scaling up & down on cloud are one of the biggest advantages. For a BPO to scale from a few (two or five) agents to a few hundred agents can happen within days. The cloud based solution gives a BPO enough flexibility in terms of call flows, customised IVRs , customized reporting and call monitoring solutions.

Ozonetel Systems, a communication platform on the cloud empowers the businesses to enhance sales, marketing, service & support communication.


Written by shalini singh