Communicating on the Cloud was never Simpler – 5 Reasons why Voice APIs are for YOU!

  1. Build the App in a few days vs weeks or months – Go to Market is quick
  2. Build inbound IVR, Outbound voice campaigns using Java/PHP/Perl/any web technology
  3. NO need to install any hardware or software
  4. NO need to understand Telecom Complexity or to learn New Programming Language
  5. Buy capacity on Ozonetel’s platform as per business needs and for the duration needed  (Ozonetel has 19 PoPs (Point of Presence) in India and one each in Singapore, Australia, North America and UK)

Voice APIs from Ozonetel  make building voice based telephony applications really easy. Voice based telephony applications can now be built by the development team responsible to build the website. Given the fact that the phone is still the preferred medium for both support and sales, it makes logical sense to treat the customers who call your business at par with your website visitors.

Ozonetel has over 5000 developers using its Voice APIs – the Voice APIs are being used across small and large enterprises across 20+ industry verticals like Healthcare, Real Estate, Education, Marketing and Advertising, NGOs, Technology services, Government and New Age companies.


Written by shalini singh