communication –it leaves a lasting impact!!!

Have you given a thought on the power of communication? How many reading this post think,  prepare,  practice how the business communication is to be carried – being it sales, networking, or even addressing the team.

If you are investing in the above, you are bound to be respected in your environment, however if not, you may then not be taken seriously – which may not be appreciated!

We happened to be part of an event where a bollywood youth icon who comes with a degree in finance from an overseas institution. The ‘youth icon’ was addressing a large gathering on a concerning issue. The audience was people from villages who speak and understand Hindi. The celebrity walks in with a large entourage of PR team – starts the address with a wave (not folding of hands to a namaskar), a hello (‘hello guys’ is how she addressed), a ‘how are you’ in English followed by ‘Aap Kaise Hoe’ (How are you in Hindi). In her talk she used English more than the native language, and the examples she gave in her talk would have been difficult for the audience to relate to. Later at the media interaction – the responses were callous and not well thought. The actor was introduced to senior government dignitaries (Indian and global) living in India. When introduced to a developed nations ambassador to India, the celebrity did not ‘listen’ and promptly asked if the ambassador traveled all the way from his country to be here at the event. Overall the PR team overlooked in ‘preparing’ the celebrity.

I have had the honor of working with John Chambers more than once in his visits to India. John Chambers is known for his public speaking, but I do not know how many are aware that despite being a recognized leader and a public speaker, he asked for his meeting details a month in advance and took 30 minutes for a briefing  to prepare, understand his audience  before every interaction or public address.

Listening + Comprehending + Researching + Speaking = Communication

Written by shalini singh