I now understand what it means to Read – what about you?

Many may be taken back by this post and given that I am sharing it here, asking if YOU know How To Read!!

I have had a good education where I did well in school = got good grades and would wonder when my manager would ask me to read saying “Harpreet please read”.  I would think – heck I know how to read so what is expected out of me.

However in time I have realised that reading is not stringing words making a sentence – but Understanding & Comprehending what is read making ‘sense’ of it. There needs to be an understanding of –how, what, when, which, where, why. At times there are meanings of words which I need to ‘Google’, to comprehend what I am reading. No doubt, reading a text more than a few times helps me to comprehend better.

Critical factors to comprehend are Listening, Researching & Reading skills. Since being a part of Galvanise PR I have realised and understood Reading. I also know it is comprehension and not grades which carry value in the professional life.

I Read – what about you?