One term the ‘aggregator’ players should invest in

Trust takes years to build for any brand. If we name Tata, Mahindra, Godrej, Agarwal Movers Group – we relate and identify it to quality and ‘trust’. However when we read or learn about the newer ventures –we do not hear about them investing in their teams or customers. We hear about ‘raising money’ or ‘expensive hires’ – none of which builds ‘trust’ for the brand. Two things which the aggregator players need to invest in India are:


  • Owning the team/ people – Everything cannot be outsourced. Most of the aggregators do not own their own ‘team’ (it is a huge cost to train) – which means the end customer can book using the platform but there is no assuring that the task will be completed (the cab driver may cancel the ride; the laundry may not be picked as there may be no one available; food may not be delivered as promised on the aggregator platform and more). It is important that the brands own their ‘teams’ – train them – it is important to make this investment to gain ‘Trust’


  • Customer support – The aggregators (most of them) are like an ‘online’ yellow book / directory than value added service. We can reach out to the connect via a yellow book – however cannot hold the ‘yellow book’ in question if a service provider mentioned on them does not prove its worth. Customer Support is an important investment to make if the venture see themselves to be around for a longer time and would like to be trusted.


The realisation came when a family member was looking to build a “support ecosystem” for someone ill – being passionate about the start-up fraternity I suggested aggregators and its convenience – all of which was shot down stating ‘reliability’ ‘trust’ ‘lack of customer support’.  Oh yes, the ‘support ecosystem’ was fulfilled in hours using referrals from friends and family.

Written by shalini singh