Recognized vs Emerging brand – latter is the choice for Galvanise

Galvanise PR works with emerging brands. I have time again and again been told (by peers and senior media professionals) that Galvanise should have ‘celebrated clients’ on board to be recognized as a PR firm.  A thought was given to the suggestion with the outcome being in the favour of supporting emerging challenger brands.

In my personal capacity I have been lucky to have worked with celebrated brands (the best in the world).  As Galvanise we work with Emerging brands – Sharing the learning’s:

What works well

Emerging Challenger Brand Celebrated (Recognized) Brand
Open to an offbeat plan Understand the value of PR
Quick decision making Mature in expectations
View ‘traditional media’ as one tool among many PR tools Celebrated brands catch the media’s attention with ease


What may not

Emerging Challenger Brand Celebrated (Recognized) Brand
Lack in understanding PR Fixed ideas on ‘how things’ need to be done
Ask for an immediate ROI – not realizing that any marketing initiative shows results  six- nine months from being implemented Turnaround time is slow -Hierarchy to get an activity approved
Media does not invest time in listening to a challenger brand (except investment/ funding news or if has got an international recognition) Rely heavily on ‘traditional media’




Written by shalini singh