Why am I not getting success using Online Media

How often do you hear corporate/ peers saying – I have excellent content – I have shared it across the handles created  – however no one is following or reading what is being shared.

Hmmm if not realized till now – read this – Content is not King – that position has been taken over and replaced with- Engagement of the Content which is what is ruling.

Another factor which is usually overlooked is how the content is presented. Again, gone are the days when efforts were made to read L (my team, I (and hopefully our peers J ) read as this is what we are paid to doJ) . Today with the outburst of so many channels providing content (video/ graphics) the content needs to be kept crisp and engaging – ‘story telling’ more than ever needs to be done in five to seven words or a video needs to be engaging in the first 30 seconds to keep the concentration going.

I cannot predict the future . However, I hope we do not start speaking using only a few words to get our message across– as they showed  in Star Trek (those from the Star Trek generation will be able to relate to what I am saying – Captain Spock barely spoke and he was most lovedJ)

Medium of communication is changing and changing really fast !!!! be with the change or else ……. domain analysis

Written by shalini singh