Will India be recognized as land of global product provider ? you decide on the answer….

The country with great talent and smart minds overlooks investing in communication and quality which if not realized yet will hold back a business’s growth.

It is well understood that the start-up world is chaotic – however why there is lack in ‘quality’ in what is rolled out. Why when a product or a service is launched, ‘corners’ are cut. how to search domain name . Yes, Rome was not built in a day; however it built itself quietly and then had travelers visit who speak on the beauty of the city. Start-ups in India are in a hurry to go to external media overlooking on getting their basic communication framework in place – be it:

  • Marketing across SM channels, graphics, videos, the website look and feel, SLA on customer support.
  • Quality of the product or service –sharing examples of Indian start-ups
    • a payment wallet/ gateway which is not user friendly for businesses and  lacks providing support leaving a frustrating experience.
    • an ecommerce platform, treating its vendors poorly as compared to the MNC ecommerce platform which declared itself profitable after several years (and the customer support topic will open a can of worms).
    • a radio taxi vendor which overlooks quality in most aspects from cleanliness to reaching on time as compared to the MNC radio cab vendor.

Interestingly, the Indian brands had a 12- 18 months head start before the MNC brands entered the country– mind you,  all have ‘deep pockets’ but when it comes to quality the Indian brands fall way behind.

Providing ‘quality’ has nothing to do with reforms, regulations or basic infrastructure.

India is the land of future, has amazing minds with business and technology knowledge, money is available in abundance however, if the money goes elsewhere and Indian start-ups do not get global recognition  it will be entirely our fault – a huge price to pay for lack in quality.

Ps: A single brush cannot be used to paint a canvas, however we need to accept the issue on quality and work around it.

Written by shalini singh